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Old 10-20-2002, 10:29 AM
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Default Converting Test Values and ACTH stim test Interpretation

Good post from the publicly accessible archives of another List about Converting Test Values and ACTH stim test Interpretation:

*Moderator's note:

We mustn't forget that that every dog's case may be a bit different, and although most dogs do very well with ACTH test numbers (cortisol levels) at the lower end of the target range of 1-5 ug/dl, in some cases there may be other factors or conditions which may complicate or alter the treatment goals to some degree for a particular dog, and for some dogs this could mean that they may do better with ACTH test numbers a little closer to higher end of the acceptable target range.

This would be something that should be decided by a knowledgeable Vet who has a good deal of experience treating Cushing's dogs successfully.

Successful management of Canine Cushing's Disease depends very much on a combination of owner diligence, observation and understanding and on having a strong and trusting relationship with our Vets, with all of us having the one goal always --- to do everything we can together to keep our little ones as well as they can possibly be.
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