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Default High Blood Pressure (systemic hypertension) in our pets

High blood pressure is one of the medical complications which is associated with Canine Cushing's Disease. It is probably more common for a dog with untreated Cushing's to have high blood pressure, but even in treated Cushing's dogs high blood pressure can occur.

In my opinion all senior dogs should have their blood pressure checked anyway, and checking blood pressure should definitely be part of a thorough diagnostic workup for Cushing's. Not all dogs who have Cushing's will develop high blood pressure, but all dogs who are diagnosed with Cushing's should continue to have their blood pressure tested regularly.

There are basically two ways to check a dog's blood pressure. A direct arterial reading is more accurate, but the indirect oscillometric method for taking blood pressure readings is considered to be a reasonably good way to do periodic BP checks too.

Not all Vets have the special equipment necessary to do blood pressure readings on small animals (dogs and cats), but if someone's Vet can't take blood pressure readings, they should refer the dog out to a Vet who can, for that to be done.

Here's a link with more information about checking blood pressure in small animals.

High blood pressure (Systemic Hypertension) in our pets

And another link with a picture showing a dog having a blood pressure reading taken

Blood Pressure Measurement in dogs and cats

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