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Default Maintenance phase/Dr. Feldman protocol/ To Cushy!

Hi Cushy; I have read and re-read this post many times. I also have tried to access the "Feldman Protocol" but have been unable to do this on my computer. I see where you have quoted his protocol for loading, but could you please also quote his protocol for maintenance? I believe the maintenance plan you have quoted in this post is the info. given to you by your specialist. Both of Maggie's doctors have told me that maintenance should be given at the same dosage as the loading, all in one day, one, two or three times a week. I specifically asked Dr. Brinson if this was the Feldman protocol, and she said absolutely, it is. You can understand my confusion, as your quote states that the doseage can be divided throughout the week. ie: 375 mg. 3 times per week, 250mg. 2 times per week. Thank you for your help. Regards, Jeanie